The configured tests for the HEPnet perfSonar machines is managed centrally using the mesh configuration utility. To allow this you must configure you perfSonar node to pull its testing configuration from a url. There are a number of files that are used to generate the configuration:

The easiest way to do this to replace your mesh configuration agent file with the one provided by HEPnet. This can be done by doing this:

$ sudo curl -o /opt/perfsonar_ps/mesh_config/etc/agent_configuration.conf

The mesh configuration can then be started with:

$ sudo -u perfsonar /opt/perfsonar_ps/mesh_config/bin/generate_configuration

The mesh configuration will be pulled once a day via a cron job once the configuration has been changed.

A magic script that will perform all of the above including a mesh generation patching is:

$ sudo curl | bash

For reference the source of these files is maintained in git.